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Funny or not? Watch the Rutgers April Fools' video
NEW BRUNSWICK — Rutgers University is no stranger to jokes. But on April Fools' Day the university gets to be the comedian, not the punchline. Rutgers on Friday released a video informing students that the university saved so much money eliminating …

Funny video shows how the TSA's .4 million dollar app works
Funny video shows how the TSA's $ 1.4 million dollar app works. Youtube user Tdogg E shares his video questioning the TSA's $ 1.4 million dollar 'randomizer' app that simply decides when flyers should go left or right on line. Heartbreaking moment widow …
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Funny Dark Souls 3 Video Imagines the Game as a VHS Movie
This video is totally fake–there is no Dark Souls movie, at least not yet. But the April 12 release date is right, as Dark Souls III comes out that day in the west for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is already available in Japan, having …
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Chicago-based Vanessa Buccella of BFF Bikes, uploads funny video of her dog

Chicago-based Vanessa Buccella of BFF Bikes, uploads funny video of her dog
Pet owners have been known to go to dramatic lengths to control their animals and this imaginative dog owner is no exception. In order to prevent her pooch from wriggling through a hole in the garden fence, Vanessa Buccella has attached a long stick to …
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Funny Reactions to Chris Christie Looking Like a Hostage (Video)
Funny Reactions to Chris Christie Looking Like a Hostage (Video). Rule one in politics: Don't become the story. Your candidate should be the focus of the story. On Tuesday night, Chris Christie stole the show from Donald Trump by looking “weird …
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Sam Pepper: YouTuber claims his entire online persona is fake in video after
YouTuber Sam Pepper has released a video days after deleting all of his content claiming his controversial pranks were staged and his “online persona” is fake. The vlogger deleted all but one Tweet on his Twitter page and made his YouTube content …
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Jalal brothers dressed as Arabs fire a fake gun at a little girl in 'prank' video
Video footage shows the 'entertainers' from Melbourne approaching a man and a small child standing at a phone box at night while hip-hop music blares from their white car. The pranksters are seen pointing a fake gun out of the rear window and firing a …
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YouTuber Colin Furze designs remote control wheelie bin in prank video
He had already painted a comical looking face on the bin before the video starts. For prank number one the contraption waits outside a house ready for the weekly waste collection. As the bin man approaches the trash container suddenly begins to scurry …
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Trio charged over Vic terrorism video hoax
Two brothers aged 18 and 20 and a 16-year-old charged over a terrorism-themed video prank in Melbourne involving a fake AK-47 have been banned from producing any more videos. The three were charged with public nuisance, possessing a prohibited …

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Jared Allen announced retirement from NFL with hilarious video
Peyton Manning has the chance to ride off into the sunset after a Super Bowl victory. The sun has set on Jared Allen's career, and so he had a little fun with that metaphor on Twitter. The five-time Pro Bowl defensive end apparently is hanging it up …
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Watch funny video by Derby students animating bizarre excuse for not having TV
“WE were under the impression we didn't have to pay for one if there was an occupant in the household who is over 75. Our pet turtle Betty turns 80 this December – do we get his free TV licence?" This has been described as one of the UK's strangest …
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Melbourne man mocks Melbourne in funny video
Many have found the funny side, but if you're from Collingwood, you might have a different reaction. “Whether the sunburn has got you down or you just took the wrong turn-off on the way to Geelong, why not consider a short stay in Melbourne,” the video …

VIDEO: Election 2016: Martin insists Fianna Fail package is “prudent”

VIDEO: Election 2016: Martin insists Fianna Fail package is “prudent”
Fianna Fáil leader Micheal Martin has insisted that his party's €8.3 billion package of tax cuts and public spending increases is the “most prudent” of all the parties. At the launch of Fianna Fáil's election manifesto in Dublin city council's …
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VIDEO: Kevin Doyle absolutely nails it as fellow MLS stars miserably fail
We doubt Steven Gerrard ever had to do anything like this when he played for Liverpool, but Kevin Doyle certainly knows his way around an emoji or two. The pair were among a group of MLS players asked to take a special Valentine's Day quiz, where they …
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Video shows when bullies fail
A video compiled from several films in which bullies fail has been posted on YouTube. YouTube user BULLY72 TV uploaded warns that the seven-minute video contains scenes that some viewers may consider inappropriate. The user says at the start of the …
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Harrison Barnes makes funny video about lying Warriors fans
Harrison Barnes makes funny video about lying Warriors fans. February 6, 2016 11:46am EST February 6, 2016 11:46am EST You know Stephen Curry if your favorite player. Quit playing. NBA. Share. Tweet. Email. Loading video .. 0. 1:41. 1:41 1:41 / 1:41.
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11 Funny Hand Drawn Video Game Cover Art Found At GameStop [Pics]
Occasionally, when you shop for used games at game stores, you see titles which had their cover art damaged by the previous owner and replaced by someone who's not always super talented Here are 10 funny hand drawn video game covers someone …
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Funny Video of Moms on Valentine's Day
Though we hate to admit it, with school-age kids, Valentine's Day isn't about us anymore, it's all about them — and the Valentines we seem to be putting together for them at midnight before the class party. Because for some reason, no one ever thinks …
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